With great regret, 'Burgh Daunders are stopped until further notice 

Sadly, the Covid restrictions announced by the Scottish Government on 4 January 2021 mean that 'Burgh Daunders will have to stop until further notice.


I am hugely grateful to everyone who has supported 'Burgh Daunders so far. It has been great fun doing the walks and together we have raised just over £1200 for charity. 


'Burgh Daunders will be back whenever the rules permit, with the aim to continue until Easter 2021 or until the proceeds reach £2000 - whichever comes sooner!  

In the meantime, please consider making a direct donation to one or other of these wonderful charities.  

Each is making a vital contribution  to combat loneliness, promote mental wellbeing and foster community and creativity - now needed more than ever. 

Keep safe and well                                               Alistair

Member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association 

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